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Cement and Concrete defoamer and air-detrainer

Fritz-Pak Air-Minus is a dry powdered defoamer for use in dry blended materials, or for wet/plastic concrete. It decreases foaming and minimizes air entrainment in cement slurries, grouts, concrete and mortars. It can also be used to counteract the air entrainment caused by water reducers and plasticizers.


  • Reduces the amount of concrete rejected due to high entrained air content.
  • Increases unit weight of concrete.
  • Recommended for the production of heavyweight concrete.
  • Allows high speed mixing of cement and fly ash without foaming.
  • May increase compressive strength of concrete.
  • Counteracts entrained air caused by the new generation of superplasticizers.
  • Maintains slurry densities.
  • Air-Minus is available in bulk or in a patented water-soluble Fritz-Pak inner bag for convenient use at the plant or job site.


Air-Minus is compatible with most admixtures. Adding salt, surfactants, superplasticizers, air entrainers or latex to the mix can cause increased foaming or reduce the effectiveness of Air-Minus. When used with other admixtures, each admixture must be dispensed separately into the mix.

For more information please consult the TDS.

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