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SIKA AERCA Air Entrainer

Sika AERCA is a Vinsol® Resin based air entraining admixture.


Sika AERCA is recommended for all normal, low and very low slump concrete exposed to freeze-thaw conditions in the presence of de-icing salts or sea water.


Sika AERCA primary advantage is to entrain an effective air void matrix with excellentstability. Sika AERCA exhibits the following characteristics:

  • Reduces potential deterioration due to freeze-thaw cycles
  • In a saturated condition
  • In the presence of de-icing salts
  • Reduces bleeding and segregation
  • Improves cohesiveness, workability and finishing characteristics


Sika AERCA conforms to the following standards and specifications:

  • ASTM C-260
  • AASHTO M-154
  • CRD C-13

Packaging Sika AERCA Liquid is available in 20 litre pails, 205 litre drums and bulk delivery.

Protect from freezing.

For more information, consult Sika TDS and MSDS. 

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