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SIKA Sikatard 930 Retarding Agent

SikaTard® 930

Hydration Control Admixture

SikaTard 930 is a hydration control admixture used to extend the working life of concrete for long periods without any negative influence on the concrete quality.

SikaTard 930 meets ASTM C 494 requirements as a Type B, retarding admixture.


SikaTard 930 is mainly used in:

  • Stabilization of freshly batched concrete for long hauls.
  • Wherever controlled set times are required.
  • Where prevention of cement hydration in fresh concrete or shotcrete is required.
  • Wet and dry shotcrete applications.


Enables increase in the workable life of concrete up to several hours.

  • Offsets the effect of slump loss and enables to control the set time of concrete.
  • Flexibility in planning and scheduling of concrete pours.
  • Concrete containing SikaTard 930 and used for shotcrete applications can be accelerated by Sigunit accelerators at any time. Concrete which is pumped or placed conventionally can be accelerated using accelerators such as SikaSet NC and Plastocrete 161FL at any time.


SikaTard 930 is available in 55 gallon drum (208 liter), 275 gallon totes (1040 liters) and bulk delivery.

For more information, consult Sika TDS and MSDS. 

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