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Top ‘N’ Bond Self Bonding Cement Mix

A Self Bonding Cement Mix

A one-part, self-bonding, cement base patching material specifically formulated for thin-section repairs to existing surfaces. When used as directed, it has superior bonding power to regular sand and cement boxes and adheres securely to concrete, masonry and stucco. The material requires only the addition of clean water. Exhibits the colour of concrete, and may be used on interior and exterior installations. Edges feather easily, does not shrink and Top-N- Bond develops exceptional strength. Final set is obtained in 4-5 hours, depending on relative surface and air temperature.


Top-N-Bond is recommended for repairing steps, leveling slabs, patching small holes, and smoothing rough, worn or spalled concrete surfaces. Application may be by either trowel-on or brush-on methods. Because of its bonding strength, Top n Bond may be used as a mortar for repairing old masonry and setting units of stone, marble and brick.


General Repair – 40 lbs, covers approximately 18 square feet, ¼ inch thick.

Brush Coat Resurfacing – 40 lbs will cover up to 80 square feet, with variance due to surface texture and porosity.


10 lb container, 40 lb triple-walled bag.

Please refer to the TDS for technical details.

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