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CG 600 Compact Colloidal Series

  • Durable and efficient, the ChemGrout CG-600/8CF offers the advantages of high-efficiency colloidal mixing in a compact package.
  • Designed to meet the high-shear colloidal mixing standards specified by a growing number of industries.
  • Mixer, holding tank and pump are mounted in one compact package for quick, easy set-up and immediate operation.
  • ChemGrout’s patented 3L6A closed throat progressive cavity pump delivers a steady, non-pulsating output of material.
  • Compact design transportable by standard size pick-up truck.

The CG600/8CF combines the latest advances in colloidal grouting in a compact design. These field proven grout plants feature ChemGrout’s 8 cubic foot capacity “Turbomixer”, along with a rotating bridge breaker, nine cubic foot capacity vertical shaft paddle agitator, and a 3-stage size 6 closed throat progressive cavity pump. Mixer and pump are mounted on a single skid (transportable by pick-up truck) for quick, easy set-up and immediate operation.

The specially designed tanks and pumps make the ChemGrout Compact Colloidal Series both efficient and cost-effective. Water and solid materials are drawn through the high-speed diffuser type pump rotating at speeds of up to 2,000 RPM to prevent flocculation and achieve complete particle wetness. Mixing time is significantly reduced by the high shear action of the colloidal mixing pump, aided by a unique powered bridge breaker device to enhance induction. These high shear colloidal mixers have been shown to increase apparent fluidity of slurry mixes by 20% over paddle mixers, an important advantage for  dam, rock and soil grouting where the ability to penetrate tight formations is necessary. For very sensitive applications such as post tension grouting, the highly efficient colloidal mixer makes possible water to cement ratios down to 0.35 by weight, resulting in very high strength grout with little or no bleed water release. After mixing, the material is transferred to the variable speed, high efficiency, agitated holding tank that maintains uniform consistency in preparation for pumping.


  • Tunnelling 
  • Well Drilling 
  • Geotechnical
  • Construction 
  • Mining 
  • Municipal
  • Restoration 
  • Highway


Post-Tensioning, tunnels, shafts, mining dam foundations, permeation grouting, soil and rock grouting, slurry walls, microfine cements, penetration grouting, waterproofing, soil anchors rock bolts, soil nails, tie backs, earth anchors, slab undersealing and contact grouting.

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