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Ictus M500 Grout Pump

Ictus M-500 is an M500 Injection Grout Pump - ideal for use with Multicrete TC3100™ Mixer.

The Ictus M500 series is portable and lightweight while robustly constructed. In combination with the Multicrete-TC3100™ grout mixer, its main use is for full-column grouting as in cable–anchoring and also for spraying materials, among many other applications. Combining the air-motor with different riser-tube assemblies (fluid sections) will adapt the pump to suit a particular need.

All the pumps are equipped with a VFO lubricator/filter to ensure clean lubricating air operates the pump. The riser-tube is fitted with a clamp and allows removal of the tube for cleaning without the need of special tools. The pumps come with hoses and fittings to suit the application. The pumps can handle a variety of mixes, from a thin liquid to a viscous grout (1:3 water to cement ratio). Other models can be manufactured to meet special needs (e.g., coal mining).

Please refer to TDS for specifications.

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