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MINEPRO MP3 Series Grout Mixer or Pump

MINEPRO grout mixer/pumps are designed specifically for the mining industry.

MINEPRO pumps are used extensively for cable bolt grouting and will outperform all other existing grout pumps. They will allow the mines to install high quality, grouted cable bolts at a much lower cost than other pumps.

  • Quiet and powerful
  • Reliable and low maintenance
  • Easy one man operation


  • Vertical shaft mixer
  • 145 L wet grout capacity

(9 x 20 kg bags of cement + 54 L of water)


  • Produces high sheer, high density, thixotropic grout
  • Progressive cavity
  • 20 L/min (300 psi)
  • 0-20 L/min (3 MPa)

Power options:

  • Direct air drives (80 psi, 500 cfm)
  • Air/Hydraulic
  • Electric/Hydraulic
  • Disel/Hydraulic (10 HP)

Mobility options:

  • Skids
  • Heavy-duty 4-way skids
  • 4 wheel pull cart
  • 2 wheel highway trailer

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