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Multicrete TC3100™ Grout Mixing Unit

Multicrete TC3100™ Portable Grout Mixing Unit is light-weight, economical , and easy to operate.  It is used typically in conjunction with Ictus M500 grout pump systems.

Multicrete TC3100™ Portable Grout Mixing Unit is the perfect portable solution for your grout mixing needs. The unit is easy to use, easy to clean up, and it works with existing air supplies as it is powered by a 4.6 HP vane air motor with reducer. It mixes grout product extremely well and utilizes its 20 gallon mixing tank capacity.


• Sturdy, heavy duty construction
• Portable: weight is 160 lbs
• Removable hopper
• 4.6 HP vane air motor with reducer
• 1” Filter-lubricator system
• 20 Gallon mixing tank
• Compatible with Ictus/Spedel grout pumps
• Easy to operate
• Easy cleanup

Please refer to TDS for more details.

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