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Multicrete TWISTER™ Grout Plant, Air Powered

Multicrete™ Colloidal mixers were developed for the efficiency of mixing of cement based grouts. The high speed, high shear mixing principle is incorporated in the design to ensure maximum wetting of particulate in the mix material occurs. The intense vortex action generated in the mixer tank combined with the re-circulation immediately assimilates fresh materials to be drawn through the mixer mill and are shear mixed. The basic simplicity of the machines allows for maintenance procedures.

The high shear mixer can be powered by air, electric or diesel over hydraulic.

  1. Electric motor 20Hp 3 phase, 575v, 480v or 360v. (We can design engineer to any voltage).
  2. 19 HP Air Motor requires a supply of compressed air with a flow rate of 600 cfm @ 90 psi.
  3.  68 HP Diesel over Hydraulic stand alone, skid mounded Power Pack.
  4. Options are available for wide range of progressive cavity pumps & double acting piston pumps. Pumping can range from 8 GPM to 44 GPM. Pressures ranging from 175 psi to 3500 psi.
  5. All colloidal mixing units are rotating at approximately 2100 rpm.

The sequence of adding materials is most important: 1 - WATER 2 - CEMENT 3 - FILLER MATERIAL

A stable based group of minimum water solids ratio can be produced.

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