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MULTIGrout CB is an un-sanded, cement-based expanding grout containing silica fume (microsilica) and other carefully selected additives. MultiGrout CB gains strength quickly and resists water washout, making it ideal for anchoring tendons, cables and bolts into soil or rock media.

MULTIgrout CB can be used for most grouted anchor requirements, including:

  • Earth tiebacks for excavation and slope stabilization.
  • Rock bolts or soil anchors in tunnel support systems.
  • Cable bolting.
  • Soil or rock tendons used for anchoring piles or foundation structures. Infill of pipe piles.


  • High early strength: MULTIGrout CB has superior early strength gain compared to Type 30 grouts, allowing early tensioning of anchors. It has comparable strength gain to high alumina grouts, but does not experience strength regression.
  • Resistance to water washout: MULTIGrout CB has excellent cohesive properties. It resists washout or dilution by water and thus can be used in wet ground conditions and still retain its excellent physical properties.
  • Reduced Grout Times: MULTIGrout CB has thixotropic properties. It tends to gel after placement or pumping. This gelling action prevents the loss of grout in porous or fractured geology.


MULTIgrout CB is packaged in 20 kg bags. All MULTIGrout CB packaged materials can be custom packaged to meet specific project requirements.

Please refer to TDS for technical data:

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