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Multicrete™ Thermal 50 Grout

Multicrete™ Thermal 50 Grout For Wellbore Application

In an environment where wellbore temperatures exceed 115°C, due to well depth, processes such as steam flooding, etc., there is a need for a special cement. Under these types of conditions, regular cement undergoes severe chemical structural changes causing a rapid breakdown of the cement integrity. Multicrete™ Thermal 50 Grout overcomes this degradation by blending higher content of silica (SiO2), which extends the Thermal ‘50’s stability to extreme temperatures up to +/-260°C.


  • Appearance is a fine textured greyish-white powder
  • Composition is a combination of Type 50 cement and silica flour
  • Bulk Density is 0.740 m3/ton
  • Solubility is that the product is insoluble in water pH ranges between 10-12 (in fresh water)
  • Water requirement to mix product is 0.40 m3/ton
  • Product is a Thermally Stable Oilwell Cement

Mixing and Handling

Storage Precautions

Thermal Cement is not hazardous. Keep dry and avoid excessive humid conditions. Best stored in cool, dry place.

Handling Precautions

When mixing with water, some heat will occur due to heat of hydration process. Mix continuously once started. Mixed it is caustic in nature pH 10-12, can cause burns to eyes and skin. Wearing appropriate PPE is a must. See SDS sheet for further information.


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