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A brilliant white grout ideal for applications over shotcrete surfaces to enhance visibility.

MULTI-white white cement paint is a sanded, cement based white grout containing silica sand and other carefully selected additives. MULTIwhite can be mixed and applied to cover existing shotcrete or concrete surfaces. MULTI-white's bright pigmentation is ideal for enhancing visibility in critical areas. Used  for :

  • Lunch rooms
  • Refuge Stations
  • Safety Bays
  • Tramway Corners
  • Intersections
  • Shop Bays


MULTI-white white cement paint is packaged in 25 kg plastic pails. MULTI-white white cement paint can however be custom packaged to meet specific project requirements.

Safety Precautions

MULTI-white white cement paint contains Portland cement and carefully selected additives. Normal safety wear such as dust mask/respirator and rubber gloves used to handle conventional cement based products should be worn. Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for more information.

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