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Automated Lubrication System

Eliminates over lubricating

The fully automatic lubrication system consists of an air filter, air regulator with gauge, an airline lubricator, a timer switch, a 3-way solenoid pump, and injectors.

Controls can be electrical, mechanical or manual.

The electrical timer switch opens a three-way solenoid valve, permitting air to flow to the pump forcing the air piston forward and lubricant through supply line to the injectors. When the valve closes, air exhausts back through the valve, and the spring in the pump returns to the air piston, completing the lubrication cycle.

Frequency of the cycle can be set as desired.


  • Cycle time can be set from 20 seconds to a maximum of 24 hours
  • Timing is suspended during power interruptions. This feature eliminates over lubrication due to pre-lube when the machine is frequently started and stopped
  • Actual on time can be set from 10 seconds to 60 seconds, 24 second maximum


  • Reduces downtime by increasing wear pad life
  • Drastically reduces premature wear on wear plates
  • Simple refilling procedures on grease pump

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