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Silica Fume

For Increased Stickiness & Strength of Shotcrete


Silica Fume is an extremely fine powder having particles 100 times finer than cement particles. Due to the purity of the raw materials used in the production process, the chemicals and physical composition of the Silica Fume remains constant.


The use of Silica Fume Concrete is recommended for sewage pipes, waste water treatment plants, food and dairy products plants, pulp and paper plants, fertilizer plants and for any concrete work that may be in contact with aggressive chemical products.


Silica Fume reacts with the weak products of the cement hydration. The pores are finer and better dispersed. The bonding between the cement past e and the aggregate is improved.

Improved durability of Silica Fume concrete is the reduction in permeability.  This is the result of a very refined and dense microstructure and reduced porosity.

Silica Fume concrete is more resistant to chemical aggressive agents of all kinds than ordinary or latex-modified concretes.

The direct introduction of the as-delivered Silica Fume into the concrete mixture provides flexibility to the producer in terms of dosage, types of application and anticipated results.

Silica Fume is a highly reactive cementitious material that acts at the same time as a filler and a pozzolane.

Silica Fume concrete is durable and resistant to freeze-thaw cycles. Silica Fume Concrete with a lower cement content and higher water/cementitious materials ratio performs very well after more than 550 freeze-thaw cycles.

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