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Aliva 267 Shotcrete Spraying Machine

The AL-267 is a multi-functional machine for wet- and dry application of sprayed concrete in the thin stream method. The modular construction allows the right type for all requirements. With an output capacity of 4-21m3/h the range of applications covers: Excavation-protection, rock stabilization, slope protection, swimming pool construction, hydropower projects, tunnelling, mining etc.! Easy handling, flexibility and functionality are unique for the AL-267.

Design and Safety

Modern designed hoods and covers of all moving components with integrated emergency Stop to guarantee the highest level of safety for the operator. Danger of accidents is reduced to the absolute minimum.

Depending on the Type of AL-267 all components as Dosing Unit for accelerators, automatic central lubrication system and regulation of the rotor-speed are compact integrated under the covers of the machine.

Opening the covers stops the rotor from turning and shuts the airflow automatic.

Pneumatic fine-tuning of the 3-Pt. clamping device (longer hose length, more pressure on the clamping device). Both rotors made of aluminium. (15.5 I and 26.5 I). Easy handling and cleaning of the components and exhaust. Unique developed sealing system from Aliva made of special steel on steel with vulcolanic dust sealing rotor plates. Very low wear of up to 1500 m3/plate guarantee economic operation, low wear and no more interruption for changing plates.

Please refer to the TDS for detailed technical information.

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