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Multicrete™ Integral Shotcrete Unit

Pre-dampener and Aliva Dry Mix Shotcrete Machine Combination

This easily transported Multicrete™ Integral Shotcrete Unit consists of an Aliva dry mix shotcrete machine and a Multicrete™ Predampener, mounted together on a common frame. Preparation includes connecting the “Bull Hose” from the air supply to the inlet on the predampener frame. The water line is then connected to the spray nozzle assembly located on the mix auger. Finally, the material delivery hose can be attached to the outlet chamber assembly of the Aliva pot and shotcreting can proceed.


The Hopper on the Predampener allows for a continuous feed of pre-blended dry mix shotcrete - even during bulk bag changes. The feed auger located under the hopper then feeds a mix auger where water is added to suppress dust and to allow the nozzleman to easily regulate the water at the nozzle.

Power Options


  • 5 hp helical snuggler gear motor to mix auger.
  • 3 hp variable speed motor to cross feed auger.
  • Centrally mounted electrical control panels.


  • 2” filter/regulator/lubricator system.
  • 12 hp vane motor, helical worm gear reducer to mix auger.
  • 7 hp vane motor, helical shaft mount reducer to feed auger.

Please refer to  the TDS for detailed technical information.

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