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Multicrete™ Shotcrete Set Accelerator

Chloride Free Designed for use with Shotcrete

Multicrete™ Shotcrete Set Accelerator is a chloride-free, dry powder accelerator designed for use with shotcrete. It is also suitable for use as a set accelerator in some other Portland cement products such as concrete mixes.


  • A major use for this product is in accelerated shotcrete for mining, tunnelling or rock stabilization operations where rapid set or high early strength are required for structural support.
  • Accelerated shotcrete is also used for rapid sealing of water seepage through rock, earth or concrete.
  • In situations where rapid installation of a reinforced shotcrete is needed, steel  fiber reinforcement can be included in the mix to provide the required performance.


  • In addition to the advantages of rapid set and high early strength, Multicrete™ Shotcrete Set Accelerator has the advantage of being less caustic and less hazardous to personnel than the Portland cement products to which it is added.
  • The dry powder form of this product is ideal for dryprocess  shotcrete applications and provides added convenience for transportation, storage and application.


Determine the amount of Multicrete™ Shotcrete Set Accelerator needed to give the required setting time and rate of strength development for the planned application. The temperature during mixing and curing must be considered during the testing because, like most chemical reactions, the degree of acceleration is reduced as the temperature is lowered. In general, the addition of 1% to 5% of Multicrete™ Shotcrete Set Accelerator by weight of cement will provide satisfactory results. The most common addition rate is 3% to 4%.

Higher addition rates can be used for applications such as water sealing where very rapid setting is essential, and a slight reduction of the final strength is acceptable.

For dry-mix bagged shotcrete applications, it is preferable to premix the shotcrete and the accelerator before adding water. The premixing can be done during batching of the shotcrete, or an additive dispenser can be included in the application equipment. In some cases, on-site additions of set accelerator are undesirable because of conditions such as the lack of suitable dispensing equipment or the absence of adequate quality control.

Multicrete manufactures and supplies a wide range of dry-bagged, premixed standard and accelerated shotcrete, with or without silica fume or steel fiber reinforcement.

The premixed product is supplied in standard paper bags, or in bulk sacks of up to 1 cubic yard.


Multicrete™ Shotcrete Set Accelerator is packaged in 2000 lb. bulk bags. Custom-size packaging available.

Please refer to TDS and SDS for detailed information.

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