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Multicrete™ Portable Load Station

Multicrete™ specializes in the designing and manufacturing of Underground Hybrid-Wet™ Bulk Shotcrete Storage, Loading and Mix-plant solutions tailored to compliment your existing mine infrastructure. Utilizing bulk bags or bulk cassettes, bulk dry shotcrete can be transported underground from surface to a Portable Load Station. Material can then be called upon on demand 24/7, and loaded dry directly into a Bulk Carrier/Application unit such as the Multicrete HW10H Hybrid-Wet™ Shotcrete Carrier. An efficient means of moving bulk dry material with minimal dust. Once loaded, the unit can then transport the product to the shoot site, reducing time and travel.


The underground Hybrid-Wet™ Bulk Shotcrete Loading System allows the transference of bulk dry material from bag or cassette to carrier with the added benefit of being completely portable.


  • Completely portable for flexibility
  • Feed hopper can be used with bulk bags or cassettes
  • Discharge auger swings against drift wall when not in use, allowing clearance for rock haulers, etc.
  • Station is fastened to drift wall and back, can be relocated as needed
  • All auger flighting 3/8" thick abrasion- resistant steel
  • All augers 1.4 service factor or better
  • Unload bag or cassette in 2-3 minutes
  • CSA approved electrical components
  • Each unit can be custom fabricated to meet customers' needs

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