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Multicrete™ Portable Mix Station

The ideal shotcrete mixing solution for underground applications. This unit will accept dry, pre-mixed shotcrete, mix it to exactwater/cement ratio and load it into an awaiting Transmixer for transport to application site. Produces a 5 cubic yard load in 12-15 minutes!


Multicrete™ Portable Mix Station consists of:

  • Feed Auger System
  • Incline Auger
  • Mix Auger
  • Water System
  • Addmix system
  • High Pressure Wash System
  • Electric Control System

Feed Auger System

The Feed Auger System consists of feed hopper, vibrators and metering auger.

The Feed Auger System is designed to hold one yard (two yards with extensions) of pre-weighed dry shotcrete materials. The

Metering Auger feeds material from the flooded hopper to the Incline Auger at a controlled rate using the Variable Frequency

Drive (VFD). The Metering Auger is activated by a start/stop switch located on the Control Panel.

Incline Auger

The Incline Auger feeds material from the Feed Auger system to the Incline Auger at a fixed speed. The Incline Auger is activated by a start/stop switch located on the Control Panel.

Mix Auger

The Mix Auger serves two purposes: to convey material from the Incline Auger to the transport vehicle, and to add mix water and Addmix chemical into the material to create a full wet mix of material.

The Mix Auger is activated by a switch on the Control Panel.

Water System

The Water System is comprised of the following components:

  • Water Feed Tank: A holding tank to supply water to the system.
  • Supply Pump: Manual/Auto control. When in auto, booster pump runs to supply water from the Water Feed Tank when the Batch Controller requests supply.
    • Manual control has no interlocking and should primarily be used with operation of the High Pressure Wash System.
  • Mag Flow Meter: Monitors flow rate, sends out pulse signal to the Water Batch Controller and displays flow rate.
  • Electric Actuated Ball Valve and Gate Valve: controls water flow and is activated by the Water Batch Controller.
  • Water Batch Controller: Monitors water volume used (Liters). Controls Water Valve accordingly.
  • Water Header: Provides water distribution to Mix Auger.

AddMix System

The Addmix System consists of a peristaltic tube pump, a Mag flow meter with indicator.

High Pressures Wash System (Optional)

The High Pressure Wash System is a standalone unit that provides up to 2500 psi for Mix Auger and other required cleanouts.

Electronic Control System

The Multicrete™ Portable Mix Station Electrical Design consists of:

  • Main Fused Lockable Disconnect Switch
    • Provides a lockable disconnect means with viewing window for stab operation verification.
    • Fused for short circuit protection.
  • 600 / 120V Transformer
    • 3 Kilo V olt Ampere (KVA) Transformer for system 120V control power
  • Main Control Panel
    • Mix Auger, Incline Auger and Metering Auger Start/Stop
    • Hopper V ibrators momentary Start button
    • Water Valve, Addmix and Booster Pump Hand/Off/Auto
    • E-Stop for emergency situations. Not intended to be used as a safety device for maintenance, cleanup, etc.

Water Batch Control Panel

  • Monitors flow rate using pulse inputs
  • Display batch total liters (gallons optional)

When all switches are in Auto:

  • Controls W ater Valve operation
  • Controls Addmix operation
  • Controls Booster Pump operation

  • Mix Auger Remote Lockable Disconnect
    • Provides a lockable disconnect means for safe isolation of Mix Auger.

  • Mix Auger Remote Start/Stop Control with system E-Stop
    • Remote Start/Stop on catwalk, primarily used for clean out purposes. E-Stop is an entire system E-Stop for emergency situations and is not intended to be used as a safety device for maintenance, cleanup, etc.

  • Addmix Controller
    • Displays total Addmix volume or flow.

  • Metering Auger VFD
    • Provides speed control for the Metering Auger.



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