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Success Stories

  • Raise Robotic shotcreting. The Multicrete Raise Robot® is a remotely controlled robotic assembly for the spraying of shotcrete; used in shafts and raises of subterranean excavations. Multicrete Raise Robot® is designed for use in mines and on large civil construction projects. Multicrete® completed a 3.5 meter diameter X 300 meter raise with the following second raise, over 400 meters in depth for a mining project.

  • Rehabilitation Project of one of Regina’s original Water Reservoirs, Albert Street. Shotcrete Placing was performed: careful application was specified keeping with Shotcrete Temperature, Surface Temperature, Relative Humidity, Determined Depth and Trial Certification of Nozzleman’s Skill.

  • Cannabis Prairie Plant Underground Concrete Pour. Successful project utilizing Pre-mixed Dry Concrete Material to construct Floor Pour: a section of concrete flooring 180 feet underground in a section of a Mine. 

  • Structural Reinforcement & Restoration Project: Library of Parliament Project in Ottawa. Multicrete Systems Inc. was entrusted with the structural reinforcement of one of Canada’s most famous historical landmarks. Multicrete™ deployed a team of senior engineers and shotcreting technicians to accomplish this task. 

  • Light Rapid Transit (LRT) – Edmonton, AB North Extension Project. Two concurrent 440-metre extensions (880 meters total) were tunnelled. Multicrete® provided materials, equipment, knowledge and skill to shotcrete the exposed tunnel wall for stability. 2.138 metric ton (1 cubic meter) bags of pre-mixed shotcrete were used.

  • CSA A23.4-16 Precast Concrete Certification