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Being established in the industry for over 25 years has resulted in extensive experience providing value-added solutions for both specialized shotcrete programs and complex projects in logistically difficult locations. We pride ourselves on supplying the highest-quality equipment, which has repeatedly proven to provide the most cost-effective solutions to fit our customers’ needs. We design and build fully automated batching facilities, as well as storage and stateof- the-art bulk transport systems. Our own automated facilities blend and package shotcrete, grout, and concrete. Additionally, we are western Canada’s authorized distributors for ChemGrout grout equipment, Sika Admixtures, Aliva shotcrete equipment, RoMix concrete products, and Ictus grout pumps.

Some of our large-scale national projects include assisting in the rehabilitation of an original water reservoir in Regina, SK; providing knowledge and mechanical expertise to shotcrete several levels of the Library of Parliament in Ottawa, ON; and providing materials, equipment, and skill to shotcrete an exposed tunnel wall of an extension of the Light Rapid Transit north line in Edmonton, AB. 

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