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Hybrid-Wet™ Shotcrete

Multicrete Hybrid-Wet™ Shotcrete Technology, along with the Multicrete Hybrid-Wet™ Shotcrete Carrier and the supporting Integrated Load-Mixing System Solutions.


Multicrete™ can offer all type of concrete, shotcrete, grouting solutions for the Heavy Construction,  Civil and Mining projects.

Our team will perform the site examination, eveluate your needs, make a detailed presentation of the project methodology and methods, coordinate a detailed work schedule, and complete the project on time and on budget.

Batch Plants

Multicrete™ continues to construct production facilities across Canada to service our many customers.

At our main production facilities we can custom blend to meet project-specific requirements.

Bulk Storage/Load/Mixing Systems

Multicrete™ specializes in the designing and manufacturing of Underground Hybrid-Wet™ Bulk Shotcrete Storage, Loading and Mix-plant solutions tailored to compliment your existing mine infrastructure.

Bulk Transport Trailers

We supply Bulk Transport Trailers ideal for Hauling Bulk Shotcrete or Dry Pre-mixed Concrete.

Project History

Multicrete Systems has participated in various projects in the mining industry, encompassing both above ground and underground. We have also offered our expertise and solutions in several civil construction, new construction, and restoration ventures.

Mining Solutions

We provide a range of cost-effective solutions for the mining industry: underground load/mixing stations, underground slick lines, underground shotcrete stations, backfill and much more.


lnnovative solutions for tunnelling, wall support, and schotcrete lining.

  • Annulus grouting
  • Cementitious grouting
  • Cellular concrete 
  • Structural Concrete repair
  • Reinforcement


Dams, cofferdams and channels lining and repairs.

  • Concrete rehabilitation
  • Grouting
  • Anchors
  • Structural strengthening
  • Shotcrete repairs
  • Slope stabilization

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