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Multicrete™ Bulk Shotcrete Mix Station

Multicrete Hybrid-Wet™ Shotcrete Bulk Storage-Mixing Plant Solution is compatible with Hybrid-Wet™ Shotcrete Carrier or Transmixer.

Multicrete™ specializes in the designing and manufacturing of Underground Hybrid-Wet™ Bulk Shotcrete Storage and Mix-plant solutions tailored to compliment your existing mine infrastructure. Utilizing your existing slick-line, or by using bulk bags, bulk cassettes, bulk dry shotcrete can be transported underground from surface to a bulk storage silo. Material is then available "on demand 24/7", and either loaded dry directly into a Bulk Carrier/Application unit such as the HW10H Hybrid-Wet™ Shotcrete Carrier, or it can be mixed into a wet state and loaded into a transmixer. Both units can then transport the product to the shoot site, reducing tram time.


The underground Multicrete Hybrid-Wet™ Bulk Shotcrete Storage and Mix-plant eliminates the need to produce "live shotcrete" product on surface to be sent down a slick-line, (with all of the inherent dangers of plugging it). Instead, dry shotcrete utilizes the same slick -line, where it can then be bulk stored indefinitely, "on call" for production into a live load anytime!


  • Complete automation of batch cycle available
  • Infeed adaptable to slick-line, bulk bags or cassettes
  • Discharge auger is "plumbed" with water nozzles to provide wet mix shotcrete
  • Typically 18-30 ton storage capacity, but can scale to whatever allowable site measurements dictate
  • All auger flighting 3/8" thick abrasion resistant steel
  • All augers 1.4 service factor or better
  • Sandblasted and Powder coated
  • CSA approved electrical components
  • Each unit can be custom fabricated to meet customers' needs
  • Can store and load dry shotcrete, or can be modified to
  • store dry and load a mixed Hybrid-Wet™ product

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