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Multicrete™ Portable Accelerator Mixing Station

Multicrete™ Portable Accelerator Mixing Station

Multicrete™ specializes in the designing and manufacturing of Underground Hybrid-Wet™ Bulk Shotcrete Storage, Loading and Mix-plant solutions tailored to compliment your existing mine infrastructure. We also offer a wide range of Support Equipment such as Multicrete's Portable accelerator mixing station which reconstitutes a powdered accelerator such as SIKA® P1AF powdered concentrate into a liquid state which can then be used "as needed" by any shotcrete application unit. It's simplistic design consists of a Feed Hopper & Auger, Mixing tank, and storage units.


When the need for liquid shotcrete accelerator for your shotcrete program is high but the circumstances dictate that supply must come in a dry format, then this is your solution. Production on-site, on demand storing as little or as much as you need.


  • Two Horsepower Mixer Motor
  • Six Inch Tubular Auger which comes with Two Horsepower Motor
  • 250 Gallon Water Tank
  • 550 Gallon Mixing Tank
  • Bulk Bag Load Hopper
  • Easy Operation and Easy Cleanup
  • All with Forklift Slats for easy Transport

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