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Albert Street Water Reservoir

Albert Street Water Reservoir

Regina, Saskatchewan

Rehabilitation-Restoration Project

Multicrete Systems Inc. was contracted by Gabriel Construction to assist in the rehabilitation of one of Regina’s original Water Reservoirs, Albert Street.

The water reservoir was built in the 1930’s to service Regina’s growing population. Over the years the reservoir deteriorated and needed some restorative work performed done. Multicrete’s roll in the project was to Shotcrete the underside ceiling of the reservoir with a 2.5 inch layer. The intent was to cover decaying concrete, which had large areas of exposed rebar with Shotcrete, or Shotcrete infused with Steel Fiber. The reservoir, a circular above ground built structure, measured 26 feet high, 288 feet in diameter with a total ceiling surface area of over  65,000 sq.ft. The ceiling structure is supported by 192 concrete columns. Access into the structure was through a 6 ft. x 6 ft. opening in the roof. Equipment, materials, and temporary structures needed to be lifted in and out of the reservoir, a challenge at best.

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