Fact: there are currently over 700,000 registered snowmobiles in Canada and over 161,000 km of snowmobile trails. A sport that's enjoyed by the masses can unfortunately lead to incidents. Transport Canada has taken liberty to remind all snowmobile enthusiasts that they have it in their power to make snowmobiling safe and enjoyable. On behalf of WORKSAFELY™ program, we're proud to reinforce this message with a series of safety tips to ensure a safe and happy snowmobiling season!


Before you set out:

• Check local weather information

• Inform others of your destination and estimated arrival time.

• Inspect your snowmobile for mechanical integrity .

• Wear suitable clothing to prevent hypothermia - remember that children are particularly susceptible to the cold.

• Carry first aid and survival kits .

• Check local avalanche conditions in avalanche-prone areas (if applicable); there is a web site for this at www.avalanche.ca.

On the trail:

• Ride within your capabilities.

• Use snowmobile trails whenever and wherever practical.

• Stay on the right side of the trail.

• Reduce speed in unfamiliar territory. Exercise care when crossing roadways and railway tracks.

• Use hand signals to inform oncoming riders (see below).

At night: Slow down! Your headlight limits how far ahead you can see. The slower you are travelling, the less distance you need to stop. Avoid driving along road shoulders where lights from either snowmobiles or vehicles can cause confusion.

Over lakes and rivers:

• Be aware of ice conditions and, if in doubt, check with local authorities or your local club.

• Wear flotation-type clothing.

• Remember also to treat the outdoors with respect and be considerate of wildlife!


  • Never drive a snowmobile if you are impaired by alcohol or drugs. "Don't drink and drive" applies to snowmobiles as to any motor vehicle.
  • Never ride on railway tracks.
  • Never ride alone.
  • Never leave children unsupervised with "kiddie" snowmobiles.
  • Never leave young children alone in cutters.
  • Never travel with babies .