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Mining and Minerals Convention 2015

Multicrete invites you to visit Manitoba Mining and Minerals Convention! The event will take place November 18-20, 2015 at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg.

Check us out at Booth 20 at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg!


Safety Talk - be safe on ice

Be safe on ice

Walking to and from parking lots or between buildings at work during the winter requires special attention to avoid slipping and falling. Slips and falls are some of the most frequent types of injuries – especially during the winter months.No matter how well the snow and ice is removed from parking lots or sidewalks, your employees will still encounter some slippery surfaces when walking outdoors in the winter. It is important for everyone to be constantly aware of these dangers and to learn to walk safely on ice and ...


Remembrance Day

Lest We Forget !


Safety Tips - Forklift Safety

Read our new Safety Talk - Forklift Safety Tips.

The following Toolbox Talk is intended to give a general overview of the most common safety hazards and controls related to lift trucks  (other  names include fork trucks, forklifts, hoisters, and others). It is not intended to address all safety hazards and controls. Always read and understand the operating manual before operating the first time.


Inspect the hydraulic hoses  for leaks and wear.  If a hose were to fail while lifting,  the load could  fall ...


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