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Cemented Rock Fill (SRF) Slurry Plant

The CRF Slurry Mixer is a PLC- controlled single drum, high speed, high-shear unit designed for the efficient production of cement based slurries. The product produced exhibits colloidal properties and is nearly immiscible in water.

The machine can handle cement / sand ratios up to 1:3 by weight and produce pumpable mixtures. It will mix a wide range of materials such as Cement: P.F.A., Pre-blends, Bentonite, Lime or Chemicals.


  • Portable
  • Completely Unbolts to Suit Caging Requirements
  • Cement Bags, Bulk Bags or Silo feed
  • P.L.C.- Controlled for Fully Automatic Unattended Operation
  • Self-Cleaning / Purging
  • Incorporates Proven Colloidal Mixer as Scale, Mixer and Pump
  • Rapid Underground Assembly
  • Ideal for Backfilling in Remote Areas

Power Unit: Electric, 2 x 30 hp motors (575 volt)
Output: Up to 16 m3/hr.
Pressure: Up to 30 psi.
Batch Capacity: 680L

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