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MULTIfoam Foaming Agent

Used for Void Filling & Structural Cementitious Foam

MULTI-foam is a non-combustible, void-filling, and structural cementitious foam. When combined with the proper amount of air and water in the specially designed placer unit, forms a low density foam. This product can be designed for different densities, strengths and set times.

Multicrete™ Foaming Agent may be used in many types of foam generating devices. When used in other continuous or batch type Foam Generators, the result is a very compact selfcontained precision foam system which may be integrated with solids metering feeders, slurry mixers and pumps to permit continuous discharge of foamed slurries through pipe or hose lines.


  • Filling voids with:
    • Compressible Contact Grout
    • Low density, light-weight fill
    • Rapid strength gaining grout
  • Bulk heads:
    • Safety plug in a raise
  • Construction:
    • Insulating roof tops
    • Foundation fill
    • Road backfill
  • Structural purposes:
    • Backfilling over a set of arches to provide contact against the roof, filling a cavity to prevent methane build-up, and as a cushion against falling debris over false roof.
  • Mining and Tunnelling division:
    • Compressible barrier construction.


  • Engineered Void Filler:
    • Can bridge gaps over 1" (25 mm) wide
  • High Yield:
    • Non segregating and pumpable
    • Less material to handle
  • Engineered Properties:
    • Densities and properties easy to adjust
  • Low Causticity:
    • Absolutely minimizes the possibility of cement burns
  • Very Cost Effective


Dry grout material can be packaged in 20 kg and 30 kg small bags. Bulk bags are available in 228 kg or 1 MT bags for mass production.

Please refer to the TDS for more details.

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