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Dry Standard Mix Concrete

Quality Pre-packaged Dry Concrete Product (Betty Crocker Mix)

Standard Pre-Mixed Dry Concrete is a bagged product consisting of accurately weighed Portland cement, admixtures and specially graded, coarse and fine aggregates. With the addition of water and thorough mixing, proper consolidation, finishing and curing, a quality concrete suitable for a variety of uses will be produced.


Concrete aggregates conform to requirements of the ASTM C 33-90 standards. Cement conforms to the requirements of the ASTM C 150-89. Regular quality control tests are performed and copies of the test reports are available on request. All our plants are certified by the Manitoba Ready Mix Concrete Association.

Admixture Options

Admixtures can pre-blended into the product such as:

  • Air Entrainment
  • Super Plasticizers
  • Accelerators
  • Fiber Reinforcements

Special Mix Specs

  • Sulphate Resistant or Acid Resistant Cement
  • Type S
  • Calcium Aluminate


Note: Packaging available in up to 1 cubic yard Bulk Bags.

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