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Multicrete TWISTER™ High Shear Grout Plant

Multicrete™ Colloidal Mixers were developed to efficiently mix cement based grouts. The high speed, high shear mixing principle is incorporated into the design to ensure maximum wetting of the cement particles. The intense vortex action generated in the mixer tank combined with the re-circulation immediately assimilates fresh materials to be drawn through the mixer mill and are shear mixed.
The basic simplicity of the machine allows for effortless maintenance procedures. The plant can produce pumpable/flowable mixes. It will mix a wide range of materials such as cement/PFA, pre-blends, bentonite, lime or chemicals. The plants illustrated above are skid mounted for tunnel or mining applications to allow for easy transportation in all types of landscapes. Design and construction are robust to withstand hazardous site conditions.

Power Unit: 68 HP Diesel Motor.

Pressure Discharge 
The pumping action of the mixer enables rapid transfer of mixed materials out of the mixer into a storage tank or directly to the point of use.

The combination of robust design and availability of spare parts ensures long life and reliability for the equipment.

Higher Strength 
The high shear mixing action is capable of mixing grouts of lower water/cement ratios, resulting in higher strength grouts.

Cost Savings 
The combined effect of the highly efficient mixing action and the ability to mix low water/solids ratios allow reductions in the cement content for a given streng

Optimum Mixing 
The unmixed grout is repeatedly re-circulated through the zone of high shear within the mixer. This breaks down the clusters of dry particles (agglomerates) and ensures maximum inter-dispersion of fluids and solids.

Minimal Bleed 
The combination of low water/cement ratios and efficient mixing ensures that more of the water is absorbed by hydration, minimizing bleed. 

Minimal Dilution by Groundwater 
BS8081 recommends the use of high shear mixing for the grouting of anchors in water bearing ground conditions because the dilution is minimized.

The vortex action inside the mixing tank rapidly assimilates the powder materials into the high shear mixer. This results in very rapid mixing of a batch - in as little as in 3-5 minutes.
The high shear grout plant can be powered by air, electric or diesel over requirement. The cement is replaced by a less expensive filler such as PFA.

Multicrete™ can custom engineer a grout plant for your specific needs.

Please refer to TDS for specifications.

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