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Multicrete Sub Zero™ Grout

Multicrete Sub Zero™ Specially Formulated Grout

Multicrete Sub Zero™ Grout is hydraulic cement based, non-ferrous, unsanded grout. This specially formulated grout features reliability and high performance for a variety of general grouting purposes.


  • Low temperature grouting
  • Grouting anchors or cable bolts requiring rapid tensioning
  • Providing high early strength for anchors to allow quick “cycle” time
  • Patching high traffic areas that require minimal disruption
  • Grouting earth tieback anchors into porous soil where is flowing into drill holes


  • This product can be used in applications where the substrate temperature can range from -100C to +50C (140 F to 410 F)
  • Non-bleeding
  • Non-segregation
  • Precision Non-shrink
  • Multicrete Sub Zero™ Grout achieves strength of 15 MPa (over 2000 psi) in two to three hours
  • This makes it ideal for grouting in water- laden areas that require rapid strength gain
  • 29 MPa at 24 hours in -10⁰C conditions
  • 31 MPa at 3 days in  -10⁰C conditions


Multicrete Sub Zero™ Grout is packaged in 20 kg, heavy- duty, polyethylene-lined bags. Each bag yields approximately 0.46 cubic feet of grout. All Multicrete Sub Zero™ Grout packaged materials can be custom packaged to meet specific project requirements.

Safety Precautions

Multicrete Sub Zero™ Grout contains Portland cement and carefully selected additives. Freshly mixed materials may cause skin irritation. Avoid direct contact and wash exposed skin area promptly with water. If any cementitious material gets into eyes, rinse immediately and repeatedly with water and seek prompt medical attention. Normal safety wear such as dust mask and rubber gloves used to handle conventional cement based products should be worn. See SDS for more information


  • The area in which the grout will be placed must not be below -10⁰C, be free of water, and cleared of all debris.

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