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Multicrete XPR™ Freeze Pipe Grout

Multicrete XPR™ Freeze Pipe Grout is a hydraulic cement-based, non-shrink unsanded (concentrate) grout. This specially formulated grout contains a blend of additives that allows for cold weather placement (max -10⁰ C) with damp conditions.


  • Can be placed fully submerged in water
  • Ideal for low temperatures (max -10⁰ C)


  • Non-bleeding
  • Non-segregation
  • Precision Non-shrink (dry state)
  • Slight swelling – saturated state
  • Sulfate resistant
  • Strength gaining ability (down to -10⁰ C)
  • Corrosion Inhibiting

Placement/Setup and curing

Prepping the surface for this product requires elimination of any oil or debris prior to placement. This product can be placed by hand or pump.


Multicrete XPR™ Freeze Pipe Grout is packaged in 20 kg, heavy-duty, polyethylene-lined bags or pails. Each bag yields approximately 0.35 cubic feet of grout. 

Multicrete XPR™ Freeze Pipe Grout packaged materials can be custom packaged to meet specific project requirements. 

Please refer to TDS for mixing instruction and technical data.

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