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Multicrete Thor-Patch™ Self-Consolidating Grout

Multicrete Thor-Patch™ Self-Consolidating Grout is a high-performance, polymer modified, fiber-reinforced, industrial floor repair product. This specially formulated calciumaluminate based material is selfleveling and quick setting.


Multicrete Thor-Patch™ Self-Consolidating Grout can be used in a variety of industrial floor repair and leveling applications. It can be applied from feathered edge to 25 mm thick to refinish existing floors that have moderate to severe wear and/or damage. It can also be used to fill large cracks and holes.


  • Superior bond
  • Rapid early strength. High ultimate strengths
  • Foot traffic in as little as 2 hours
  • Light industrial traffic in as little as 8 hours
  • Heavy industrial traffic in as little as 24 hours
  • High flow
  • Non-shrink
  • Crack and wear resistant
  • Simple application


Multicrete Thor-Patch™ Self-Consolidating Grout is packaged in 20 kg, heavy- duty plastic pails. Each pail yields approximately 0.45 cubic feet or 12.7 L of wet material. All Multicrete Thor-Patch™ Self-Consolidating Grout packaged materials can be custom packaged to meet specific project requirements.


8 Hr     12MPa    1700 PSI

24 Hr   28MPa    4000 PSI

3 Day   32MPa   4600 PSI

7 Day   38MPa    5500 PSI

28 Day  - TBD


Multicrete Thor-Patch™ Self-Consolidating Grout contains Portland cement and carefully selected additives. Freshly mixed materials may cause skin irritation. Avoid direct contact and wash exposed skin area promptly with water. If any cementitious material gets into eyes, rinse immediately and repeatedly with water and seek prompt medical attention. Normal safety wear such as dust mask and rubber gloves used to handle conventional cement based products should be worn. See SDS for more information.

MIXING (One 20L Pail)

  1. Open 1 pail of Multicrete Thor-Patch™ Self-Consolidating Grout Dry Material
  2. Add 4 Liters of liquid additive to each pail.
  3. Mix until a self-consolidating material is achieved. An additional 200 ml of liquid additive may be used to achieve this. *Use a heavy duty drill mixer for best results.
  4. Well mixed Multicrete Thor-Patch™ Self-Consolidating Grout should have a fluid consistency prior to placing.

*Multicrete Thor-Patch™ Self-Consolidating Grout has a pot life of roughly 45 minutes although it is recommended to place freshly mixed material within 30 minutes of mixing.

*Use plenty of water to wash off and Multicrete Thor-Patch™ Self-Consolidating Grout left on any equipment, tools or immediately.


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