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Dramix® Steel Fibers

For Increased Load Bearing Capacity

The water-soluble Dramix® bundles are the only real guarantee of obtaining a homogeneous distribution of high performance steel fibers without special equipment and without considerably increasing the mixing time.

The glue specially developed allows the use of Dramix® steel wire fibers with high L/D ratios in bundles for wet as well as for dry spraying.

Dramix® steel fibers can be added to the mixer or the batching equipment – either on site or at the ready mix plant – or in dry packed mortars delivered in big bags or in silos.

Dramix® steel wire fibers can be added with automatic dosing and dispensing equipment .

Technical Advantages

  • The homogeneous reinforcement gives a resistance to tensile stresses at any point in the shotcrete layer.
  • An increase of load-bearing capacity due to the redistribution of stresses
  • The removal of the mesh increases the bond of the shotcrete to the surface
  • Excellent corrosion resistance. The use of Dramix® instead of mesh results in a good quality homogeneously reinforced concrete. A high degree of density and impermeability prevents the formation of water passages. Despite the eventual appearance of rust spots on the surface, no spalling will occur in the concrete. If aesthetics are a major concern a thin coat of unreinforced shotcrete can be applied.

Excellent control of cracks due to shrinkage and temperature gradients.

Economic Advantages

  • Allows the shotcrete to follow the contours resulting in a consistent thickness, which provides a significant reduction in shotcrete consumption
  • The use of Dramix reinforced shotcrete minimizes losses due to rebound
  • The elimination of the need to install mesh and the reduction in the time for which the lifting equipment is needed results in a reduction of cycle times and overall costs
  • The elimination of the difficult and even dangerous job of installing mesh considerably increases safety at work site 

Please refer to TDS and SDS for detailed information.

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