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Sika Sigunit® P1AF

SIKA P1AF Shotcrete Accelerator

Shotcrete Admixture

Sigunit® P1AF is a water-soluble, alkali free and high-performance shotcrete accelerator in powder form. When dissolved in water it produces an alkali free set accelerator for wet sprayed shotcrete.

Where to Use Sigunit® P1AF is suitable for wet-process shotcreting. The principle applications for Sigunit®- P1AF are:

  • Support at the face whilst advancing tunnels and mines.
  • Rock- and slope stabilization.
  • High quality lining shotcrete.


The most outstanding advantages of Sigunit®-P1AF shotcrete accelerator are:

  • Alkali-free, avoiding additional leaching of alkalis and pollution of ground and surface water.
  • When correctly used, marginal reduction of shotcrete strength.
  • Reduction of rebound.
  • Easier overhead spraying by improved bond of shotcrete to rock and concrete.
  • Reduction of dust formation.
  • Chloride-free, suitable for steel reinforced shotcrete and substrates.
  • Easy to dissolve on site in time for shotcreting.
  • Converting powder to liquid on site, the temperature will rise to approx. 40ºC (104ºF); the warm solution will increase the accelerator effect considerably.
  • Lower cost of logistics.

Please refer to TDS and MSDS for detailed information.

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