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Multicrete™ Huron 4 Shotcrete Application Carrier

Aliva® Shotcrete Machine, AL-302 Spray Arm on Carrier

A shotcrete carrier which includes a state of the art Aliva 257 wet/dry shotcrete machine on the rear, an Aliva® 302 wet mix shotcrete spraying arm on the front, enhanced hydraulics, self-contained liquid accelerator storage & pumping system all on a Multicrete™ Huron 4 Shotcrete Application Carrier chassis. A very compact, maneuverable, tough unit designed to get the job done!

  • Huron 4 Specifications
  • ALIVA® 302 Spray Boom Specifications
  • ALIVA® Shotcrete Machine Specifications

Huron 4 Specifications


Chassis:  Monoblock. Heavy duty type.

Engine: Diesel CUMMINGS type QSB 4.5 (TIER lll-COM lll),4 cylinders, turbo intercooler. Liquid cooling. Power DIN 116kW (155HP) to 2,200 r.p.m. It is designed to work at 4700 MASL.

Axles:  Monolithic with epicycloids reducer. Dynamic loading capacity per axle 8000 kg. Steering type front axle with oscillating assembly. Fixed rear axle.

Transmission: Hydrostatic type with automatic regulation. Axial pistons pump of variable flow applied directly to diesel engine. Hydraulic motor at axial pistons mounted on reducer cap

Steering: Hydraulic on front axle.

Brakes:  Internal discs oil bathed on front wheels. Hydraulic activate in two independent circuits. Parking brakes on transmission with hand lever control.


Concrete output capacity4m3
Direct unloading height1,465 mm
Unloading height1,100 mm

Hydraulic rotation of drum for loading-mixing and unloading is effect by electric speed regulation of rpm.

Water System: Hydraulic operated self-priming water pump. The water is supplied from an external source, taken directly to the drum, to the tank or the washing hose. It can also be taken from the truck mixer tank to the drum or the washing hose. High pressure pump for cleaning purposes. Litre counter.

Max Slope

Fully Loaded30% (SAE normative)


1st0-8 km/hr (for working)
2nd0-20 km/hr (for movement)

Steering Radius

Internal4,150 mm
External7,800 mm

Electrical:  12 V battery 180 Ah, 650 A

Tires:  10’00R20 16PR

ALIVA® 302 Spray Boom Specifications

The telescope spraying arm Aliva® 302 is used for the application of sprayed concrete in mines, small galleries and excavations. With its simple and rigid construction, the Aliva® 302 is very suitable for the mounting onto different types of carriers.

Transport Length2.45 m
Transport Width0.5 m
Transport Height2.0 m
Weight of Arm approx.550 kg.

Reach, rotation and precision all contribute to remotely operated quality application of shotcrete material to all of those tough to get into places. Safe workers, minimal hazard, correct technique, less waste, more profitability. The Huron 4 application Shotcrete carrier is your answer.

ALIVA® Shotcrete Machine Specifications

The AL-257 is the universal machine for the application of dry- and wet shotcrete in the thin-stream method. The new and very compact design of the machine impresses through its dimensions, weight and performance. With just 750 kg and dimensions as little as a small dry shotcrete machine, the AL-257 fits on the back of the Huron 4 and is easy to operate. With its unbelievable output capacity range from 0.7– 9.6 m3/h (with 3 rotor sizes) the machine works on small concrete renovation work as efficient as on big slope protection or in mines. Less maintenance and wear cost makes it the ideal shotcrete machine for all applications.

Built in components

The AL-257 is equipped with a fully automatic lubrication system for the rotor-discs. The rotor-speed is adjusted with a frequency converter and therefore, can be adjusted to every specific need on the job.

Sealing system

The machine is equipped with rotors made of high tech aluminum and is operating with steel-on-steel wear and rotor plates. Experience has shown up to 10 times less wear on the steel plates, depending on material, output capacity, hose diameter and compressed air supply! This again leads to less down time and wear cost and therefore to a more economical spraying operation.

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