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Multicrete HW10H Hybrid-Wet™ Shotcrete Carrier

Multicrete HW10H Hybrid-Wet™ Shotcrete Carrier

Aliva® Shotcrete Machine, AL-302 Spray Arm on Carrier

A shotcrete carrier includes a dry mix hopper, a wet mix shotcrete spraying machine, and a mixing auger for wetting the dry mix as it is conveyed from the dry mix hopper to the shotcrete spraying machine on a common mobile frame.

The shotcrete spraying machine comprises an inlet hopper receiving the wet mix shotcrete from the mixing auger, and a rotor with chambers rotatable from a loading position in communication with the inlet hopper and a discharging position in communication with a pneumatic conveying line. The pneumatic conveying line conveys the wet mix shotcrete to a nozzle commonly supported on the mobile frame.

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