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Multicrete Alloycrete™ SF-10

Abrasion-resistant Topping Mix


Multicrete Alloycrete™ SF-10 is an industrial, abrasion resistant Topping Mix Enhanced with 60 kgs per M3 (100 lbs/ Yd3) of Dramix Steel Fiber and a special blend of Hardened Iron Aggregate.

Steel fibers provide integral reinforcement and improve the product’s Impact Resistance while the Hardened Iron Aggregates create superior wear resistance.


Multicrete Alloycrete™ SF-10 is recommended for high-wearing industrial surfaces which are subject to severe abrasion, impact and continuous wear.

Ideal applications are for extreme duty Shop Floors, Ore Passes and Crusher Chutes.


Easy application as a Trowel-on material or spray-applied, using conventional dry Shotcrete Equipment.

Superior toughness to conventionally reinforced Concrete.

Greatly improved impact resistance and abrasion resistance.


Multicrete Alloycrete™ SF-10 can be custom blended with or without steel fiber reinforcement. It is normally packaged in bulk bags up to 1680 kg (one cubic yard), with double shrink-wrap on wooden pallets.

Safety Precautions

Multicrete Alloycrete™ SF-10 contains Portland cement and other carefully selected additives. Normal safety wear such as rubber gloves, dust mask and safety glasses used to handle conventional cement based products should be worn. 

Please refer to TDS and SDS for detailed information.

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