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Multicrete XPR™ Shotcrete

For Cold Temperature Applications

Multicrete XPR™ Shotcrete is a pre-blended, dry shotcrete based on a modified hydraulic cement for a very rapid strength gain.

Multicrete XPR™ Shotcrete also has greatly enhanced shooting characteristics and physical properties due to specially selected admixtures


In the dry process, the Multicrete XPR™ Shotcrete is blown through the hose and mixing water is added at the nozzle. The shotcrete impacts the surface at a high velocity resulting in a well-compacted, high quality concrete with excellent bond. Multicrete XPR™ Shotcrete was specially developed for the following shotcrete applications:

  • Areas requiring Rapid Strength gain (+/-2500 psi in 3 hrs)
  • Spraying onto frozen ground such as structural tunnel linings.
  • Cold weather use.

Multicrete XPR™ Shotcrete may be used in combination with steel fiber reinforcement to enhance load-carrying capacity and accelerator to provide fast set times.

It can be blended to meet ACI 506 gradation #1 or #2.


  • Rapid Strength Gain. Multicrete XPR™ Shotcrete is specially designed to meet the demands of high early strength for structural support which cannot be met with a conventional Portland cement based product.
  • Stickiness. Multicrete XPR™ Shotcrete has vastly improved cohesion characteristics compared to conventional shotcrete .This stickiness saves time and money because:
    • Rebound is significantly reduced, resulting in lower material usage
    • Sagging and sloughing are eliminated.
    • Thick layers can be applied in a single pass in both the vertical and overhead orientations without the use of caustic accelerators.
    • This increases shooting efficiency as passing over work two or three times to achieve a certain thickness is no longer necessary.
  • Physical properties: Silica fume in Multicrete XPR™ Shotcrete creates a higher strength shotcrete with low permeability and excellent freeze/thaw durability.
  • Resistance to water washout: Multicrete XPR™ Shotcrete in the plastic state has tremendous resistance to washout by flowing water. This resistance allows Multicrete XPR™ Shotcrete to be applied to moderately wet surfaces

Please refer to TDS and SDS for detailed information.

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