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Success Stories

  • Raise Robotic shotcreting. The RAISE ROBOT® is a remotely controlled robotic assembly for the spraying of shotcrete; used in shafts and raises of subterranean excavations. Together with the RAISE RANGER®, these robotic units are designed for use in mines and on large civil construction projects. Multicrete completed a 3.5 meter diameter X 300 meter raise with the following second raise, over 400 meters in depth for amining project.

  • Rehabilitation Project of one of Regina’s original Water Reservoirs, Albert Street. Shotcrete Placing was performed: careful application was specified keeping with Shotcrete Temperature, Surface Temperature, Relative Humidity, Determined Depth and Trial Certification of Nozzleman’s Skill.

  • Prairie Plant Underground Concrete Pour. Successful project utilizing Pre-mixed Dry Concrete Material to construct Floor Pour: a section of concrete flooring 180 feet underground in a section of a Mine. 

  • Structural Reinforcement & Restoration Project: Library of Parliament Project in Ottawa. Multicrete Systems Inc. was entrusted with the structural reinforcement of one of Canada’s most famous historical landmarks. Multicrete deployed a team of senior engineers and shotcreting technicians to accomplish this task. 

  • Light Rapid Transit (LRT) – Edmonton, AB North Extension Project. Two concurrent 440-metre extensions (880 meters total) were tunnelled. Multicrete provided materials, equipment, knowledge and skill to shotcrete the exposed tunnel wall for stability. 2.138 metric ton (1 cubic meter) bags of pre-mixed shotcrete were used.

  • CSA A23.4-16 Precast Concrete Certification